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Soap Dispenser Vertical 1.2ltr Matt Finish

Soap Dispenser 1.2lt Vertical Matt Finish (23SS)

Price: 29.50 Ex. VAT
Price (35.40 Incl. VAT at 20%)

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Stainless Steel Vertical l soap dispenser in a brushed matt finish has a 1200ml capacity with a non-drip, one shot action that is ideal for confined spaces in heavy traffic washrooms due to its durability and vandal resistance.

The soap dispenser is designed for direct pour in liquid soap, simply unlock the spring-loaded lid with the custom-made key and fill directly into the reservoir.
Internal fastening of the soap dispenser to locking wall bracket ensures maximum protection against vandalism and theft.
Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Application : Wall Mounted
Dispenser Type : Bulk Fill
Filling : Liquid Soap
Dosage : 1.5ml per stroke
Capacity 1200ml
H: 206mm x W: 121mm x D 72mm

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