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Greyland Heavy Duty Degreaser

Heavy Duty Degreaser 5ltr

Heavy Duty Degreaser 5ltr

Price: 8.25 Ex. VAT
Price (9.90 Incl. VAT at 20%)

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Heavy Duty Degreaser is a powerful cleaner of grime and grease from most hard surfaces, including floors and walls.

Dilute approx. 1 part with 10 parts of water (500ml to 5 litres) for heavy duty cleaning of floors etc. Apply by mop or machine, scrub and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dilute approx. 1 part with 150 parts of water (35ml to 5 litres) for general purpose cleaning of hard surfaces. Spray or wipe diluted cleaner onto surface, leave to react for a few seconds, and then wipe the dirt off with a clean damp cloth which should be frequently rinse in clean water. When dry, surfaces may be polished with a dry cloth.

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