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Caterwrap Foil 50cm x 75m

Caterwrap Foil 50cm x 75m

Caterwrap Foil 50cm x 75m

Price: 8.25 Ex. VAT
Price (9.90 Incl. VAT at 20%)

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All Caterwrap aluminium foils comes in a tamper-proof robust carton to prevent contamination and to ensure ease of dispensing.
Ideal for roasting, this catering foil ensures that food is cooked evenly whilst retaining moisture and flavour. This foil will also provide greater protection from freezer burn, simply cover food prior to freezing for the best protection.
Alternatively, reduce the effort of cleaning baked on spillage by lining the oven, grill pans and trays with this foil.

Wrapping food in foil helps to keep it fresh and allows for greater flexibility in menu preparation. The use of foil also avoids the risk of cross contamination from unwrapped, stored food.
50cm x 75m

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